Make Your Telephone Ring

Course: Make Your Telephone Ring by Jan Cohen

Learn to market yourself or any type of business. Includes; offline marketing, advertising and sales as well as consulting and communication skills.



Focusing On Your Client

Consultant Conversation Model

The Client Contact Process

Phase One: The Intro

Attention Getter

Key Words of A Consultant

Initial Benefit Statement

The Request For Time

Phase Two: Bridging The Gap

Asking Great Questions

Effective Framing


Phase Three: Solutions, Options and Proposals

Presenting Features and Benefits

Presenting Solutions, Options and Proposals

Phase Four: Closing

Practice Skills

Putting It All Together

Role Playing

Developing Your Marketing Plan


Marketing Strategies

Your Message

Consumer-Direct Marketing

Effective Flyers and Postcard Campaigns

Informational Packets

Corporate Benefits Campaign


Interviewing Realtors

Client Retention & After Marketing


Websites For Beginners

Team Building

Marketing To Your Warm Circle


Notes and Newsletters

Make Your Telephone Ring by Jan Cohen
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