Shopping Cart Design (unlmtd)

Shopping Cart Design


PRODUCT CATALOG: Design, Setup and Integration, templates, template images, mobile storefront, facebook page, store header, store footer, store navigation, sidebar, product page styles, category page styles, invoice, colors and fonts, media gallery, default product images, saved skins and advanced CSS.

BUSINESS INFORMATION: Name, Logo, Contact Information, Store Settings, Store Home Page, Store Preferences, "About Us" Message, "Contact Us" Message, Terms and Conditions.

OPERATIONS Payment Options, Store Payment Rules, Taxes, Shipping, Store Shipping Notices, Email Notices, Email Templates.

CATALOG: Setup and add Categories, Setup and add Products, Design Store Product Display, Set up and add Options, Setup and add Attributes, Setup and add Manufacturers, Setup and add Warehouses, Setup Reviews, Setup Media Gallery, Setup Inventory Control, Setup Updates and Exports, Setup Automatic RSS Feeds, Setup Custom RSS Feeds, Setup and add all "Related Items", Setup and add all "Best Values", Setup and implement Search Optimization.

ORDERS: Setup Order Management, Setup Open Orders, Setup Add Orders, Setup Address Labels, Setup T-Hub Integration, Setup QuickBooks Integration, Setup Fraud Management, Setup Fraud Blacklist.

MEMBERS: Setup Search Members, Setup Add Members, Setup Role Management

MARKETING: Setup Email Marketing, Setup Affiliate Marketing, Setup Coupon Management, Setup Add Coupon, Setup Free Shipping Option, Setup Conversion Tracking.

VISIBILITY: Setup Google Shopping, Setup Webmaster Tools, Setup Site Links, Setup Ebay Auction Manager

Shopping Cart Design (unlmtd)
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